Why I Love Action Movies

Frequent readers of this website should know that I am a huge action movie fan. I grew up on a steady diet of the genre’s best — from the genre’s heyday (late 80s/early 90s) — Predator, Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, and many, many others.

Nostalgia does play a large part in why I love action movies. However, that’s not the only reason why I still continue to champion the genre.

The main reason I love the action genre is the engaging excitement that comes along with watching an action movie. It’s such a gripping ride to see characters have to fight for their lives. Movies are about characters overcoming problems. It’s such a visceral movie going experience to see a character get through his problems with guns or hand-to-hand combat.

I realize this sounds like I’m trying to over explain the desire to see explosions and guns.

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QBIE Rocky, They Live, and Collapse


Do I have to talk about Rocky? This film is so pervasive that I’m worried that many haven’t actually watched the film or even worse, written it off as schlock. Yes it does have some jarring elements (particularly the score) but it’s a classic piece of filmmaking. Avildsen is a very talented director but under appreciated filmmaker. He is adept at making you feel the film on an emotional level. When you’re done with Rocky check out Avildsen’s lesser known and much more serious film Joe.


Collapse is a strange little film. It’s an interview with Michael Ruppert who published the newsletter From the Wilderness. Ruppert’s belief is that we’ve reached “peak oil” and the next few years will become increasingly difficult because of that. It’s always interesting to hear the “crazies” talk about what scares them the most. Ruppert is a special case though, a former LAPD detective, who builds a very convincing case. In any event, this film isn’t for the weak of heart.

They Live

Now for my favorite film in the list. They Live is one of the best sci-fi films to come out of the 80’s and it stars Rowdy Roddy Piper and Keith David. Can one ask for anything better than that? It does have one fatal flaw, the makeup effects are incredibly dated. They’re so dated that it seems that they were bad when the film debuted. Either way if features the best fistfight over a pair of sunglasses ever and possibly the best line ever written by a human being: “I’m here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and I’m all out of bubblegum.” Watch it.

Each of the three movies listed in this article expire in one week (6-1).

As always, check Queuenoodle for a list of all expiring Netflix movies.

Josh E.

Wolf Creek Review — An Application of Two Theories

Over the last two weeks I’ve talked about a different of thinking about movies and an insight into how to tackle plot holes.

I think it’s time to put these theories into practice with a review.

I’ve chosen 2005’s Wolf Creek for this demonstrative review for a few reasons:

  1. I watched it recently.
  2. The movie is part of a horror sub-genre I am not always a fan of.
  3. Also, horror movies are quite prone to plot holes.
  4. I think it’s important for this article that I review a movie I don’t absolutely love or hate.

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Thinking about Plot Holes

Last week I wrote about how negativity is permeating through the culture of film going. This week I want to talk about one specific part that of that negativity: plot holes.

It seems that one major way the negativity in movie discussions manifests itself is through plot holes. If you look at a website like Cracked.com, many of their movie related articles are centered around plot holes. I’m not claiming Cracked is solely responsible leading the charge in conversations about plot holes. It’s just that the discussions about plot holes are definitely part of our collective conscious now. (Not that plot holes weren’t discussed in the past, but there has been a marked increase in it.)

Plot holes are definitely frustrating to deal with as a viewer. You want to get immersed into a fictional world but are continually drawn out by lazy and/or incompetent filmmaking. I’m not saying you should just accept plot holes. It’s not fun when you encounter one.

However, there is a certain type of discussion about plot holes that really, really, really bothers me.

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Mini Debate: Best Movie Everyone Else Hates part 1

There’s lots and lots and lots of movies that are not well liked. They’ve got bad reviews. Audiences sneer at the mere mention of their title. They probably (but not always) bombed at the box office.

But which movie with a bad reputation is the best? That’s what Josh and I are here to figure out.

We’re splitting up this debate into two parts. First up we’ll be discussing Jersey Girl.

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An Alternate Way to Think about Movies

I recently got into a light-hearted disagreement about whether Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol was a good movie. I was the lone person defending the movie as good, while a couple other people declared the movie to be quite bad. At the end of the conversation, neither myself nor the others’ opinion had changed. I still like M:I GP; they don’t.

What I got out the conversation was a sense that I like more movies than most people. I’m not claiming I like watching movies more than most people. I’m claiming that from the quantity of movies I’ve seen, the percentage of those that I like is higher than an average person.

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