Quick! Before it Expires: New Years Extravaganza

There are lots and lots of movies expiring on January 1st. Check out Queuenoodle for a full list.

Drunken Master

Longtime readers might know that I loves me some martial arts movies. Something strange I noticed is that the drunken boxing fighting style is not nearly as prevalent as other styles. This, in my opinion, is because Jackie Chan has a lock on drunken boxing. Nobody can out drunken box Jackie Chan on film. Drunken boxing perfectly suits Chan’s infusion of martial arts mastery and comedy.

The movie, Drunken Master, isn’t quite as good as its successor, The Legend of Drunken Master. However, Drunken Master should give first time viewers a great insight into how magical, hilarious, and mind blowing the art of drunken boxing can be.

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Subtly Rid Yourself of Unwanted Company with 12 Films

It’s Holiday Time and for me that involves a lot of family members sitting around watching movies in between epic mealtimes. If anybody out there who has a mother like mine (who is awesome) but has a weird aversion to gifting Blu-Rays/DVD’s then you’ll be stuck with little to watch. Here are a dozen titles for a 12 days of Christmas Cinema event. The other option: a roughly 24 hour marathon of films to drive out unwanted relatives without cluing them into your secret desire for privacy.

Part One – Films to Occupy Your Holiday and Pull you out of lame conversations.

SlapShot – 3 days left (12/26/11)
A funny sports comedy starring Paul Newman. It’s hockey so there really isn’t any technical knowledge to explain and everybody loves Paul Newman. A great way to enjoy a holiday with family or friends. It’s also a film you don’t have to follow closely to have a laugh. Great concurrent with unwrapping presents.

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Second Chance Cinema: The Island (2005)

We have a theory that maybe, sometimes, a film gets such a bad rap early on that its reputation is unfairly spoiled for the rest of that movie’s history. This is Second Chance Cinema. We re-examine the most infamous films to determine whether its reputation is earned or not.

Michael Bay just might be the most polarizing director working today. His films are paned by critics, make billions of dollars, and cause a great rift in audience members.

To me, Bay’s filmography is split pretty much 50/50. Half of his movies are good and half are bad. To clarify, movies like Bad Boys and The Rock are legitimately good action blockbusters. Movies like Armageddon and Pearl Harbor are slow and meandering exercises in explosions.

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Best Film of 2001 Debate

It’s December and you know what that means, studios scramble to release their “Oscar hopefuls” as late in December as they can, so they are award eligible and fresh in the minds of Oscar voters. It means that there are (too) many good films to watch and invariably because Harrison and I don’t have press passes, many of these slip by us.

Another strange phenomenon is that many of the films that are Oscar nominees fall behind in our collective unconscious and are replaced by the films that were underground, poorly distributed, or just didn’t hit on first release. In an interesting way to thwart these two factors, Harrison and I have decided to take a look back at 2001, and see what film has stayed with us the most. We also have included our top six films to check out from 2001.

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Preview: Best Film from 2001 Debate

Instead of a best of 2011 post (which are going to flood the Internet soon), we thought it would be fun to look back and debate what was the best movie from a decade ago.

In one corner, it’s the reigning king of surreal-noir, Mullholland Dr. In the other, it’s the indie-revival patriarch, The Royal Tenenbaums.


 Check back on Friday (12-9) to witness the showdown (and some bonus picks as well).

Quick! Before it Expires: Cronos, Crank 2


I stumbled upon Cronos after winning a free copy on the internet, or so I thought. When I didn’t receive my free copy I didn’t think about it again, but remembered the title hoping to find it at the video store. I found a used copy at a DVD store, bought it on a whim, and discovered one of the most inventive and interesting vampire films I’ve ever seen. (And coincidentally one of the better $5 DVD purchases. I’ve ever made.)

Cronos DVD

Check out the Criterion Version

It’s the first film by Guillermo Del Toro. Since Pan’s Labyrinth, most film fans and even causal movie watchers are usually intrigued by watching a Del Toro film. It centers around an antiques collector who discover a scarab shaped device that attaches to his chest and gives him supernatural powers and a supernatural thirst.

The film is excellently written, directed, and has a great visual look. It stars Ron Perlman in a delightfully swarthy role and Federico Luppi who fans will recognize from Pan’s Labyrinth.

You should check it out immediately and if you like it, stop over to get the Criterion Collections Blu-Ray or DVD.

Cronos will expire in five days (12/7)

Crank 2

Harrison turned me onto the gem that is Crank 2, and I love it. I love its tongue-in-cheek style and outrageous set pieces. It’s an action/comedy with Jason Statham as Chev Chelios, a hitman who has had his heart removed and needs to continually power his artificial heart by unconventional means.

Yes, seeing Crank before Crank 2 would enhance your viewing experience but, don’t worry if you haven’t, you can still enjoy the ride.

Crank 2 will expire in six days (12/8)

Josh E.